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Pound falls further as Boris gets closer to number 10


Despite a slight uptick in GBP/EUR rates earlier this week, the downard trend for the Pound has now returned, and we have seen the Pound fall further. Pound/Euro rates have now dipped in to the €1.11’s, while Pound/Dollar rates are…

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As GBP/EUR nears €1.12’s, how can you protect against adverse exchange rates?

The Pound has continued to fall during trading today, and touched into the €1.12’s briefly, and currently sits supported at €1.13 at the time of writing. The reason is continued concerns the UK will push for a ‘Hard Brexit’ when…

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Sterling/Euro rates fall after poor inflation figures

Sterling had a pretty rough ride yesterday, falling almost 2 cents against the Euro following the latest inflation figures, that came in lower than expected. Due to this, it increases the chance of the Bank of England cutting interest rates…

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Pound set to find new direction this week

Good morning readers, and welcome to a new week and a new month. For several weeks now, the GBP/EUR rate has been stuck at around the €1.19 level. This is despite some dire confidence surveys in the last couple of…

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Pound continues to fall as ‘Brexit’ chances increase

The Pound has been in decline over the past week, caused by the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the imminent UK referendum. Just over a week ago, GBP/EUR was up at €1.32 and all the polls seemed to suggest remaining in the…

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