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Pound/Euro falls after French Elections

Pound/Euro rates fell sharply on Sunday following the first round of the French Elections. For once the pollsters seem to have got this right, with the result going exactly as expected. Le Pen and Macron will now face each other…

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Euro gains strength on Dutch election result

GBP/EUR falls after defeat for Geert Wilders The Euro has gained strength following the Dutch election result, which saw a comfortable victory for the Prime Minister, with the far right candidate Geert Wilders unable to capitalise on an early lead…

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How could French and Dutch elections affect GBP/EUR?

Sterling/Euro rates have fallen to the lowest in nearly 2 months, and the Pound was unable to recover the losses we saw last week following weaker than expected Services data on Friday. After many weeks with this pair stuck at…

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Sterling continues to fall against Euro and USD

The Pound fell further on Friday, continuing its recent downward trend. The cause was worse than expected Services data. Services form a huge part of the UK economy, and a slowdown in this sector shows that Brexit may be starting…

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Pound/Euro hits 3 year high above €1.24 – why?

Tuesday 9th May 2012Good morning. Pound/Euro rates are at a 3 year high after the weekends French, Italian and Greek elections caused significant political uncertainty, weakening the Euro and pushing rates to €1.24+; the best buying levels in 3 years,…

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