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Economic Data and its affect on exchange rates

Tuesday 3rd December 2013 This morning we saw unemployment numbers from Spain. Despite the market believing an extra 50,000 unemployed people, in fact there were only 2500. This was much better than expected and so strengthened the Euro, bringing GBP/EUR rates…

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Interest Rates moving the currency markets

Tuesday 7th May 2013  Good afternoon. It’s been a week since my last post which focused on the UK’s stronger than expected growth figures. Since then, the markets have been anything but quiet with an interest rate cut in the…

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Pound/Euro falls after BoE MPC vote. Will GBP/EUR keep falling?

Wednesday 20th February 2013  Good morning. Sterling has dropped again dramatically this morning, after The Bank of England released the minutes to its latest Monetary Policy Committee meeting, showing that some members voted for more Quantitative Easing. In today’s post…

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Spanish bailout fears drive Exchange Rates

Thursday 31st May 2012Good morning. So far the week had been fairly flat, hence the lack of updates since Monday morning. Pound/Euro rates had been stuck at €1.25 and Pound/Dollar rates range bound in the $1.56 to $1.57 range. This…

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