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USD strengthens as interest rate hike looms

We were expecting a little more volatility in the markets this morning following President Trumps speech to congress last night, but he didn’t really offer any details on his tax plans or stimulus measures as we had expected. Instead he…

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Pound/Euro falls on low inflation figures

Sterling/Euro rates reach a high of €1.1825 this morning but true to form, the high level didn’t last, and has dropped a cent to the low €1.17’s. This is due to inflation coming in lower than analysts had expected, which…

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Pound/Euro rises on BoE comments

Good morning. We’ve seen a decent spike in GBP/EUR rates over the last 24 hours rising from €1.16 to €1.1750 which is the level we were at around a week ago: Why have Pound/Euro rates gone up? It was due…

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As GBP/EUR nears €1.12’s, how can you protect against adverse exchange rates?

The Pound has continued to fall during trading today, and touched into the €1.12’s briefly, and currently sits supported at €1.13 at the time of writing. The reason is continued concerns the UK will push for a ‘Hard Brexit’ when…

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What could move Pound/Euro rates this week?

Good morning. Last week was a largely negative one for GBP/EUR rates, falling from highs of €1.20 down to around the €1.18 mark, which is where we start the week. As explained in reports last week, the fall was due…

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