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Pound falls as Brexit stalemate continues

Pound/Euro rates have slipped after the indicative votes failed to win any majority. Yesterday, GBP/EUR was as high as €1.1785 however has since shed 1 cent, to bring the pair down to €1.1685. The Pound has also fallen by a…

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Pound/Euro 2 month low: November Forecast

Wednesday 30th October 2013Good afternoon.  Currency markets remain fairly subdued, with no huge movements in rates over the week. The Pound has fallen a little further against the Euro, but gained slightly against the US Dollar. Today I’ll have a…

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Pound falls below €1.20 against Euro

Good morning. Sterling has fallen below the €1.20 mark in trading yesterday, and is now significantly lower than the highs we saw last week. Analysts expect the Euro to continue making ground against Sterling. At 08:30am this morning rates are…

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