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Pound/Euro drops to €1.0750

Pound/Euro rates have fallen further this morning after UK markets opened after the extended Bank Holiday weekend. Markets were reacting to the speech the ECB president Mario Draghi gave on Friday evening. He didn’t make any mention of the negative…

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GBP/EUR drops into the €1.08’s

Sterling/Euro has fallen further today, dropping into the mid €1.08’s. Again it’s a story of the Euro strengthening and becoming more expensive. We had higher than expected PMI figures from Germany and the EU this morning, and also a speech…

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Will Pound/Euro rates fall further?

Sterling/Euro fell further last week, at one point dropping as low as €1.0960. The pair has recovered slightly and now sits at around the €1.10 mark, a 10 month low and close to the lowest we’ve seen Pound/Euro since 2009….

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Euro gains strength on Dutch election result

GBP/EUR falls after defeat for Geert Wilders The Euro has gained strength following the Dutch election result, which saw a comfortable victory for the Prime Minister, with the far right candidate Geert Wilders unable to capitalise on an early lead…

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Why has Pound/Euro dropped to €1.36?

Wednesday 23rd September 2015 Today the much anticipated speech by the European Central Bank (ECB) president Mario Draghi has caused the Euro to gain strength, and this has pushed Pound/Euro rates down to around €1.36 which you can see from the…

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