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Pound/Euro rises further as single currency weakens

Pound/Euro rises further Pound/Euro rises further – The GBP/EUR rate has risen further this afternoon, as the single currency has weakened and become cheaper to purchase. A short while ago the European Central Bank (ECB) left interest rates unchanged. The…

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Pound falls as PM’s Brexit deal fails for the third time

Pound to Euro

Pound exchange rates have fallen from this weeks highs of 1.1750 falling today as lows as 1.1550 as MP’s voted down Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit vote for the third time. On the day the UK was officially due to…

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Pound falls away from 6 year high vs Euro

Thursday 2nd October 2014 The Pound has fallen quite sharply today, falling from 1.2875 to 1.2750 against the Euro. Against the US Dollar we have seen rates fall from 1.6250 to 1.6125. What’s been going on?  Pound/Euro drops as single currency…

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Pound/Euro up after Unemployment data. What next for Sterling?

Wednesday 16th April 2014 The Pound has surged higher today, after the latest UK unemployment figures were released. These showed that the jobless rate has dipped below 7%, the first time we’ve seen that for 5 years. As a result, Sterling…

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