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Pound vs US dollar: US dollar at a 6 month high

Pound Vs US Dollar

Pound Vs US dollar exchange rates have reached their lowest levels this year ahead of the key US jobs data non-farm payrolls. Sterling is under continuous pressure with on-going Brexit woes and the fight for Number 10. Sterling exchange rates…

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UK Inflation at 3% – what can we expect for the pound?

This mornings UK inflation figures, released at 09:30, came out at the 3% level analysts were expecting. As a result sterling has actually fallen a fraction on this mornings trading as a fall in inflation eases the pressure slightly on…

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GBP/USD at its highest level post Brexit

Sterling has today reached its highest level against the US dollar since the Brexit vote to reach just shy of 1.37. A big surge for EUR/USD has also been seen with the Euro at its highest level in nearly 3…

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