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Pound falls further as Boris gets closer to number 10


Despite a slight uptick in GBP/EUR rates earlier this week, the downard trend for the Pound has now returned, and we have seen the Pound fall further. Pound/Euro rates have now dipped in to the €1.11’s, while Pound/Dollar rates are…

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EUR/GBP reaches a five month high. Euro forecast.

Pound/Sterling forecast

EUR/GBP exchange rates have reached their highest levels against the pound since January having moved over 5% in the last 6 weeks. This has created some great selling opportunities with those looking to exchange euros to sterling. Why is the…

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WIll the pound rise against the Euro?

29th September 2010Good morning. It’s not though really, as the pound has fallen again against the Euro, 1.5 points since yesterday morning. It’s not looking positive for Euro buyers, however those needing to sell Euros are seeing the best rates…

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