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How could UK GDP numbers affect exchange rates?

Wednesday 24th April 2013 Good afternoon everyone. I’m only putting up a short post today ahead of tomorrow’s key UK GDP figures. I thought I would outline what I think may happen depending on the actual numbers that are released…

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Pound/Euro outlook forecast April 2013

Tuesday 16th April 2013  Good morning. Rates remain fairly stable, with GBP/EUR rates only moving around 1 cent over the course of the last week. This are not likely to remain this way for long however, with some important data…

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Effect of Budget & Cyprus on exchange rates

Wednesday 20th March 2012  Good afternoon everybody. Much has happened since my last post, including worrying developments in Cyprus that have weakened the Euro, and also news from the Bank of England that has strengthened the Pound, so rates are…

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GBP/EUR & GBP/USD forecast 2012/2013

Thursday 13th December 2012   Good afternoon everybody. In this afternoon’s post I’m going to take a detailed look at Pound/Euro rates, and the forecast for where rates may go in 2012 and 2013. I will also have a look Sterling/Dollar…

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Pound/Euro rates fall on BoE Inflation report. Forecast.

Wednesday 14th November 2012  Good afternoon everybody. It’s been quite a mixed week so far in the currency markets, with big swings in the Pound/Euro rate along with other currencies. As the week started, Sterling was at a 6 week…

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