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Pound/Euro has fallen 8 cents since last month

Monday 28th September The last week has been an interesting one for currencies, with the GBP/EUR exchange rate fluctuating between €1.39 and €1.35. Since last month, it’s now fallen 8 cents. This means purchasing €350,000.00 today is costing you around £15,000.00…

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Which way could Pound/Euro rates go September 2015?

Tuesday 1st September 2015 Good morning and welcome back to my regular currency updates after the Bank Holiday weekend. While here in the UK it was dismal weather, heavy traffic and only the lack of a James Bond movie to complete…

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What could affect exchange rates this week?

Monday 10th August 2015 Good morning. As I outlined in Friday’s post, Sterling has fallen against other currencies in recent days. Today I’ll list out the main economic data releases that are likely to cause volatility in exchange rates. After last…

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What could affect Sterling/Euro rates this week?

Monday 10th November 2014 Good afternoon. It’s been a very quiet start to the week with no economic data releases of note. The Pound/Euro rate remains in the mid €1.27’s, and Pound/Dollar rates have dipped into the $1.58’s.  As usual for…

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Pound falls slightly from recent highs due to Ukraine crisis

Monday 21st July 2014 The Pound fell a little towards the end of last week, as worries about the tensions between Russia and the West in Ukraine meant that investors sought out safe haven currencies. When there is global uncertainty,…

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