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Pound falls from recent multi-month highs

This week Pound/Euro rates broke through €1.15 to hit the highest levels since June last year. Pound/Dollar broke through $1.43 earlier which is the highest since the EU referendum. This afternoon rates have slipped back slightly. Let’s look at why…

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Will Pound/Euro rise above €1.20?

The Pound has managed to hang on to the gains we saw earlier this week following Theresa May’s snap election announcement on Tuesday. When there is such a large spike in exchange rates we often see a correction back down,…

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Sterling breaks through €1.20 after Retail Sales figures

Thursday 27th March 2014Good morning – a quick update as we have just seen UK Retail Sales released, smashing expectations and giving the Pound a large boost – up to almost €1.21 against the Euro at the time of writing….

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Pound/Euro €1.20 Pound/Dollar $1.65 (Support & Resistance)

Thursday 20th March 2014 Things have settled down in the currency markets after the economic data released yesterday. Pound/Euro is at €1.20, and I don’t expect it to go higher in the short term. Pound/Dollar has dropped to $1.65.  Today I’ll…

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Pound Euro climbs to €1.20 again – will it go higher?

Wednesday 14th March 2012Good morning. Sterling had a very good run yesterday, gaining against both the Euro and US Dollar. The gains were in part due to better than expected Trade Balance figures, coupled with ongoing concerns over Euros that…

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