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Pound/Dollar drops from 15 month high

Sterling/Euro rates remain at around the €1.14 level, the best we’ve seen in around 3 months. Pound/Dollar rates however, have dropped away from the recent highs of $1.36 which was the best it had been since the EU referendum. Comments…

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What could move Pound/Euro rates this week?

It’s been a pretty quiet start to the week, with most major exchange rates largely unchanged. Pound/Euro rates have managed to recover slightly from €1.11 to €1.12, due to slightly worse than expected EU PMI numbers yesterday, making the single…

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Pound/Euro and Pound/Dollar forecast May 2017

Sterling This morning UK GDP figures were released and were expected to come in at +0.3% and they came in just below at 0.2%. As the figure didn’t impress or beat forecasts it has sent the Pound a little lower…

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€ Up, $ Down, £ Flat….

Euro up  Yesterday we saw GBP/EUR rates slip away around 1 cent to the €1.17 mark. The reason for the fall was the Euro gaining strength and becoming more expensive to purchase as it rose in value. The catalyst for…

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GBP/EUR falls 4 cents in a week. GBP/USD also set to drop

Tuesday 28th July 2015Sterling has fallen sharply against the Euro of late, and in the last week had slipped from €1.44 down to €1.40. As you can see from the chart below, the rate has recovered slightly this morning, getting…

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