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Pound falls on data, Euro rises and Dollar falls on risk of currency war

Sterling fell further today, briefly dipping into the €1.15’s vs the Euro, after much weaker than expected consumer credit figures. The lower number suggest that the UK economy may finally be slowing a little after surprisingly robust performance over the…

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Will GBP/EUR rates go back up? 2013 forecast predictions

Monday 18th February 2013 Good morning. The GBP/EUR rate continued its roller coaster ride last week, starting off at a relatively good level around 1.18, recovering after the European Central Bank president talked the Euro down (more on that shortly). …

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Currency War and the effect on Exchange Rates

Rates remain above $1.60 against the US Dollar, and still just under €1.14 against the Euro. With little data released yesterday for the UK it was weakness in the US Dollar that caused rate movements yesterday. For something a little…

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