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Super Thursday keeps lid on Sterling

For several weeks GBP/EUR rates have been fairly range-bound between the €1.18-€1.19 mark and have been unable to move higher. For it to do so, the market needed further information; this morning provided lots of new data however the end…

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How could the Budget affect exchange rates?

Pound/Euro rates have fallen a little further this week, and currently sit at around the €1.2750 mark.  (Click here to see live currency graphs.) There are some important things happening over the next few days that could cause further volatility…

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Sterling/Euro rises from €1.3350 to €1.3550

Thursday 15th October 2015 Sterling/Euro rates have recovered very well in the last few days, rising from the €1.33’s to €1.3550 today. In today’s post I’ll explain the reasons for the gains, and what action those with Euros to buy or…

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Why has Sterling fallen into the €1.18’s? Will it recover?

Wednesday 11th December 2013 Sterling has been falling today, and exchange rates have dropped further from recent highs. In today’s post I’m going to examine the reasons why the Pound has dropped, and also give my views on where rates may…

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Pound falls against Euro after poor economic data

Monday 14th October 2013 Good afternoon all. Well what a difference a week can make! The change in the weather in the UK has been mirrored by a change in the fortunes of the Pound. In Britain we seem to have…

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