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Pound to US Dollar exchange rates. US Dollar strong from ‘flight to safety’

Pound to US Dollar exchange rates have continued to fall and sit close to record highs against the Pound. With the on-going US/China trade war we have seen a significant flight to safety. In times of uncertainty the US dollar…

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Pound vs US Dollar falls on US/China trade

Pound Vs US dollar

Pound/USD Dollar falls as Dollar strengthens The currency markets were driven yesterday by developments in the ongoing trade dispute between the US and China. Over the weekend the G20 meeting resulted in a softening of trade tensions. There were meetings…

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Why has Pound/Euro dropped to €1.39?

Wednesday 8th July 2015 In today’s report I’ll look at the latest developments in Greece, the effect of today’s Budget statement on Sterling, and also why the Pound/Euro rate has dropped to €1.39.  Pound/Euro drops to €1.39  Since the start of…

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