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Category: Buy Euros now or after referendum

What could impact the pound for the rest of the week?


Sterling has had a relatively quiet start to the trading week with little or no data of note released that could impact the pound. We have continued to trade within a very tight range, particularly for GBP/EUR, with today’s levels…

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Pound continues to fall as ‘Brexit’ chances increase

The Pound has been in decline over the past week, caused by the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the imminent UK referendum. Just over a week ago, GBP/EUR was up at €1.32 and all the polls seemed to suggest remaining in the…

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Pound steady at €1.31. Should you buy Euros now or wait?

The Pound has stabilised somewhat and has settled down at around €1.31 vs the Euro. It’s been a great week for Sterling, which has risen on the back of various polls and betting odds showing that it’s increasingly unlikely that…

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