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Brexit vote due today

UK and EU flag

Today we will finally see MP’s have their ‘meaningful’ Brexit vote in parliament, but will it actually mean anything? I won’t go in to too much detail this morning as all news outlets are giving decent coverage on what is…

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Sterling weakness despite strong economic data

Union Jack with Silhouette of London

This week we have seen continued Sterling weakness, even though economic data has been better than expected. Usually when we see data beat forecasts, it strengthens the currency concerned. That hasn’t been the case this week. The UK economy is…

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Sterling moves higher on Services data

The Pound has risen this morning after better than expected UK Services Data. The number was better than the last release, and also beat analysts forecasts coming in at 55.00 showing expansion in the sector. Services dominate the UK economy,…

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Pound/Euro rates fall after BoE Minutes

Wednesday 23rd April We’ve had good news and bad news about the UK economy today, but the bad news won the day and as a result we have seen the Pound fall, as I suggested that it would in my post…

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Pound remains strong in the run up to Christmas

Friday 20th December 2014 This will be my last post for a week, and I’ll be back in action on Monday the 30th of December.  With regards to exchange rates, Sterling remains strong after figures showed the UK economy is growing…

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