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Sterling rises on strong manufacturing numbers

The Pound has risen today, following the release of some very positive manufacturing numbers which were better than the market was expecting. Manufacturing activity forms a large part of the UK’s GDP, so the strong figure showing 0.7% growth has…

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Pound/Euro has fallen 8 cents since last month

Monday 28th September The last week has been an interesting one for currencies, with the GBP/EUR exchange rate fluctuating between €1.39 and €1.35. Since last month, it’s now fallen 8 cents. This means purchasing €350,000.00 today is costing you around £15,000.00…

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Pound/Euro rises to €1.39

Tuesday 22nd September 2015 It’s been an interesting start to the week on the foreign exchange markets. Despite little economic data being released yesterday, the Sterling/Euro rate rose steadily throughout the day before settling around €1.3850. The upwards march continued this…

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What could affect exchange rates this week?

Monday 3rd August 2015 Good morning and welcome to a new week of updates about exchange rates. In today’s post, I’m going to take a look at the economic data releases for the week ahead that could affect exchange rates. Currently…

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Greece defers debt payment, but Pound/Euro rates fail to recover

Monday 8th June 2015 Greece defers debt payment, but Pound/Euro rates fail to recover On Friday, it was announced that Greece will defer the payment that was due, and lump it together with a series of other payments due into…

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