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Pound remains supported by robust economic data

Good morning. Sterling is still holding firm, and is currently sitting at a 1 month high vs the Euro, and nearly a 2 month high vs the US Dollar. As outlined in recent posts, it’s mainly due to some surprisingly…

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Sterling/Euro rates: putting things in perspective

Thursday 7th April 2016Good afternoon. With the Pound in perpetual decline at the moment, in today’s post I’m going to provide a more general view of the Sterling/Euro rate, and put things into perspective to explain why the current GBP/EUR…

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What could affect exchange rates this week?

Good morning and welcome to a new week in the currency markets. After last week’s sharp fall for Sterling, in today’s post I’m going to list the main economic data releases that I think could affect exchange rates. Remember that…

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Sterling rises on strong manufacturing numbers

The Pound has risen today, following the release of some very positive manufacturing numbers which were better than the market was expecting. Manufacturing activity forms a large part of the UK’s GDP, so the strong figure showing 0.7% growth has…

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Pound/Euro has fallen 8 cents since last month

Monday 28th September The last week has been an interesting one for currencies, with the GBP/EUR exchange rate fluctuating between €1.39 and €1.35. Since last month, it’s now fallen 8 cents. This means purchasing €350,000.00 today is costing you around £15,000.00…

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