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Article 50 to be delayed?

The Pound remains relatively stable against most major currencies despite the on-going Brexit uncertainty. This week parliament continues to debate the withdrawal agreement, with the ‘meaningful vote’ due to take place next Tuesday. However there is every chance that this…

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How could article 50 affect the Pound?

This week Theresa May will formally begin the process of the UK leaving the EU when she invokes article 50 on Wednesday, but how will the currency markets react when it happens? The Pound is actually performing very well at…

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Very important week ahead for exchange rates

In my recent post I outlined the reasons that the Pound may fall further, and that proved to be the case. We saw poor UK data on Friday that weakened the Pound, and the Euro gained strength on rumours that…

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GBP/EUR and GBP/USD forecast

Pound/Euro currency forecast GBP/EUR rates remain stuck the familiar territory it has inhabited for most of 2017, the low €1.17’s. It has been driven back from last week’s 2 month highs due to political concerns over another Scottish referendum. I…

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The pound holds its ground after Theresa May’s speech

Good afternoon, After the volatility we witnessed yesterday, today has been much more subdued for the GBP/EUR cross, with the currency pair spending the majority of the day bouncing between €1.15 and €1.1550. GBP/EUR graph The pound seems to have…

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