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Pound/Euro higher after strong UK GDP growth

GBP/EUR up on UK GDP figures Sterling/Euro has recovered its losses from the last few days, rising back to €1.12. The reason for the gain was this morning’s UK GDP figures which came in above forecast at 0.4% for the…

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Pound/Euro lower on Retail Sales and Wage Growth data

The last 24 hours have not been kind to Sterling. Firstly we had wage growth data yesterday showing that wages are rising at a rate of 2.1%. However, inflation is running at 3% so in real terms, incomes are being…

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Should you buy Euros now, or wait?

Over the last 6 weeks, the GBP/EUR exchange rate has risen from €1.14 to highs of €1.20, before settling back down at the current level of around €1.1850. That’s a very healthy rise, and close to the best levels we’ve…

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USD strengthens as interest rate hike looms

We were expecting a little more volatility in the markets this morning following President Trumps speech to congress last night, but he didn’t really offer any details on his tax plans or stimulus measures as we had expected. Instead he…

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What does 2017 have in store for exchange rates?

Last year proved to be one of great change, and many of these changes had a significant impact on exchange rates. 2017 may prove to be one of even greater change, so let’s have a look at what’s in store…

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