Pound/Euro hits €1.18 after ‘No Deal’ rejected

Pound Sterling

As you can see from the graph below, the Pound has surged higher after this evenings Parliamentary votes against leaving the EU without a deal: Pound/Euro hits €1.18:

GBP/EUR 13th March 2019

Sterling has seen its biggest one day rise of the year so far. GBP/EUR hit €1.18 while GBP/USD reached $1.34, the highest we’ve seen the Pound for some time.

Why has the Pound gone up?

We had expected a vote to reject No Deal on the 29th March, however an amendment by Labour’s Yvette Cooper rejecting a no-deal Brexit “under any circumstances” was won, by a very small margin of just 4 votes, ahead of the governments motion that also won by 374 to 164 . This shows that there is a majority to rule out leaving without a deal.

This means a delay is now almost inevitable and will be voted on tomorrow evening. This opens the door to many options. Some think that a softer Brexit could be on the cards. Others, that a second referendum may happen. Most likely, May’s deal could now be passed if there is a small delay in order to get it agreed. Whichever way you look at it, No Deal is now unlikely, and the Pound has risen as a result. There remains much uncertainty, and given the Pound has risen so much, the rally could soon run out of steam.

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