Pound/Euro falls to 9 month low

The Pound has continued to fall all week, however today seems to have stabilised slightly. We have seen Pound/Euro fall to a 9 month low, and GBPUSD rates fall to a 1 year low . Today however Sterling has bounced back ever so slightly as you can see in our live graphs page.

Why has Pound/Euro been falling this week, and will it recover?

The reason Pound/Euro has been dropping is continued concerns over Brexit. As I touched on in my last post, with little economic data for the markets to digest, all focus has been on the lack of progress with Brexit. The increased chances of the UK leaving with no deal has increased uncertainty, causing investors to dump the Pound.

We’ve seen a slight recovery today. This could be due to rumours that the EU may finally allow the UK to remain in the single market without accepting free movement. However it’s also rumoured that the EU would seek concessions such as the UK having to accept adopting things like environmental and social protections. This would limit the UK’s ability to strike free trade deals elsewhere, which many would argue is the main benefit of Brexit. Certainly the EU will want to protect things like France’s agricultural and Germany’s Industrial dominance.

No Brexit progress expected soon

I’m not expecting any progress with Brexit negotiations for at least 4 to 6 weeks. In the meantime, there are 2 things that will affect Sterling exchange rates. As we saw last week, it was comments from Mark Carney the BoE governor, and Liam Fox the International Trade secretary that were the catalyst for the Pound dropping. Their comments of an increased chance of ‘No Deal’ are what caused Sterling to fall to lows this week. Any further comments could move rates either way depending on their tone.

Economic data tomorrow could help the Pound

We also have some important economic data from the UK tomorrow in the form of the latest growth figures (expected at +0.4%). We’ll also see Industrial and Manufacturing numbers, expected at 0.4% and 0.3% respectively. The numbers are released at 09:30am tomorrow morning. If they are better than forecast then it could help the Pound recover. If however they are disappointing, then the appeal of the Pound is likely to diminish further, which might mean the Pound resuming its downward trajectory.

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