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There’s not much to report in terms of the GBP/EUR rate. It is very calm, and the pair remain within a half point range, and doesn’t seem to want to budge from €1.1350 – €1.1400 (click here to view live currency graphs).

With the market quiet, it’s an opportune time to remind our readers what we offer, in addition to the regular market commentary explaining what is happening with exchange rates.

Converting Currency at the best rate

I work for one of the UK’s largest currency brokerages, with a turnover of £4.5 billion per year. This is my personal blog that I have been updating for over 8 years, to provide insight into what is moving exchange rates, in order to help existing and new clients decide when to fix a rate of exchange.

We do not offer cash or holiday money. We help private and business clients with large volumes to convert, and achieve rates of exchange that are significantly better than you would normally be able to achieve by simply using your bank. Usually our rates are around 2% to 3% better than bank rates, which on a large transfer could save you thousands of Pounds.

Private Clients

  • Buying or Selling property overseas?
  • Topping up an account e.g. France or Spain?
  • Regular Monthly transfers e.g. pensions?
  • Being paid in a foreign currency e.g. USD, AED, EUR?

Business Clients

  • Importing goods from overseas e.g. EU, China?
  • Paying invoices in foreign currencies?
  • Receiving payments in other currencies?

The above are typical examples of the types of clients that we can help. If you need the very best rates of exchange, couples with expert market knowledge and a range of contract types to protect you against adverse exchange rate movements, then it’s highly likely that you could save a significant sum by getting in touch for a quick chat about the rates we can offer.

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