Pound steadies ahead of Retail Sales tomorrow

The Pound has slipped a little today but has found it’s feet at around the €1.15 level. With Article 50 coming a week today initially Sterling had started to drop away, but has been supported in the last few days by higher than expected inflation figures.

Retail Sales to affect Sterling exchange rates tomorrow

Tomorrow morning at 09:30am will be key to which way the rate goes in the short term, as we have the latest UK Retail Sales figures. These are seen as an overall barometer of the health of the UK economy as it demonstrates how confident consumers feel. Since the referendum vote, the economy has been performing very well indeed, confounding expectations of a recession as many experts had predicted. Retail Sales had also help up pretty well, but that changed in the last few months. Last month for example, the number showed a 0.2% decline.

Analysts expect tomorrow’s figures for Feb to show a rise of around 0.4%, and if the actual reading is lower than this, expect an immediate drop for the Pound. Conversely if we get a higher reading the Pound will rise, but I think this is unlikely.

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