What economic data could move the Pound this week?

The Pound is holding on to the gains it made last week after a pretty quiet day on Friday. We open the week with Pound/Euro at €1.1757, and Pound/Dollar at $1.2511. (You can see live charts on all major Sterling pairs here.)

Below I’ve listed the main data releases for the coming week that could affect the Pound. If you need to exchange currency at the best exchange rates, click here to get a free quote.

This week’s economic data releases

Monday 13th February – Today is very quiet with no data of note so markets will move on any political news.

Tuesday 14th February – We have inflation figures today from both the UK and Germany. As inflation impacts interest rate movements, we could see GBP/EUR move depending on the results. Elsewhere, the EU releases GDP figures, growth forecasts and Industrial production numbers. Lots today then that could affect Pound/Euro rates.

Wednesday 15th February – Nothing of note from the UK today, but GBP/EUR could still be affected by EU trade balance figures. Most data today however is from the USA: Retail Sales, Inflation, Industrial Production and a Speech by FED chair Janet Yellen.

Thursday 16th February – Quiet again in the UK, so GBP/EUR will be affected by any news about Brexit. The USA releases jobless claims and house building data. New Zealand releases Retail Sales numbers that could move GBP/NZD.

Friday 17th February – UK retail Sales are released today. This are a good barometer of the overall economy. The last reading showed a contraction, and today we expect a monthly rise of 1%. If the actual number is lower than this it will weaken the Pound.

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