GBP/EUR exchange rate falling after latest Brexit comments

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Today has seen the pound fall across the board, with the pound/euro exchange rate sitting at its lowest level since 15th November.

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The GBP/EUR cross is currently trading at 1.1534 (mid-market), and today’s move means the currency pair has fallen 2.5 per cent since last Tuesday (3rd Jan) and nearly 4 per cent since the middle of December.

GBP/EUR graph. 


Why has the pound/euro rate fallen? 

The pounds value has dropped following comments made by UK Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday. Speaking to Sky News, May hinted she will push ahead with a “hard Brexit” by giving up Britain’s access to the single market in order to focus on the country’s immigration controls.

During her first interview of 2017, Theresa May said the UK could not hold on to “bits of EU membership”, and added that the UK will not be a member of the EU any longer.

Her comments have left investors worrying about the future of the UK economy, and if their fears mount we could easily see GBP/EUR hit the kind of levels we witnessed back in October.

What does the recent move for pound/euro mean for you? 

If we look at the pounds decline in monetary terms, converting £300,000 into euros today will see you receive around €8500 less than seven days ago.

Although it does not make great reading for those of you looking to purchase euros, it suddenly represents an excellent opportunity for those looking at converting euros back into pounds.

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