Pound set to find new direction this week

Good morning readers, and welcome to a new week and a new month. For several weeks now, the GBP/EUR rate has been stuck at around the €1.19 level. This is despite some dire confidence surveys in the last couple of weeks, however these didn’t really have too much of an effect on Sterling exchange rates, because they were expected and already priced into the market for the most part. This week however I think the Pound  is going to start falling, due to an expected move by the Bank of England later this week.

Bank of England to cut interest rates?

This Thursday it’s widely expected that the BoE will either cut interest rates, increase their QE stimulus, or both. I think that it’s very likely that they will cut interest rates by 0.25%, and this is already factored in to the current rates. However the markets haven’t looked much further than this, and I expect further rate cuts later in the year. Some BoE members have been hinting recently at negative interest rates, and they may well hint at this in their press conference on Friday afternoon. If they do, then expect the Pound to drop away from it’s current levels.

Do you need to buy Euros?

The current levels aren’t actually that bad. Yes, they have dropped following the referendum, but when you look at the bigger picture and consider that in 2008/2009 rates nearly hit parity, it’s not that bad. Indeed the average GBPEUR rate for the last 8 years is around the €1.20 mark, pretty much where they are now. Those that need to buy Euros should consider their options ahead of this weeks BoE decision, as if they do cut rates and hint at further moves, the current levels are going to look extremely attractive in hindsight.

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Are you converting a foreign currency back to Pounds?

The current levels are very good. They might get even better if the BoE cut rates this week, but you shouldn’t leave yourself exposed and risk losing out on all the gains we’ve seen in the last month or so. In this scenario you can place a ‘Stop Loss’ order. This means you’re protected against the rate getting worse, while still allowing you to take advantage of any gains if the rate continues to improve.

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