Pound continues to fall in wake of ‘Brexit’

The Pound has continued to take a hammering in the currency markets today, falling to below €1.20 against the Euro, and to $1.31 against the US Dollar:

The decline started in trading in the Asian markets yesterday, and continued when London opened at 8am this morning. It’s all to do with the uncertainty, both political and economic. George Osborne has said that the UK is ready to face the future from a position of strength, in an effort to calm the markets.  However the fact is that the Prime Minister has left his successor to pick up the pieces, and we won’t know who that is until October. The opposition is in complete turmoil, with many shadow ministers being fired or resigning. Their replacements that were announced earlier have now also resigned, which leaves the UK in a bit of a political void.

Markets hate uncertainty, and that’s what we’re likely to have quite a lot of in the coming months. That’s why the Pound has fallen. It seems to have stabilised around the €1.20 level against the Euro.

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