Low US jobs numbers surprise currency markets

A short time ago the USA released it’s ‘Non-Farm Payrolls’ figures, and this has caused some large swings in both GBP/EUR and GBP/USD.  The report shows the number of new jobs created, excluding the agricultural sector as that’s seasonal. It’s notoriously difficult to predict, and the actual figure came in today as 38,000 new jobs. The markets had been expecting, and priced in, a number of 164,000. So as you can see the actual figure was significantly lower than expected. Very very low, probably the lowest I’ve seen since the credit crunch.

This has global implications, and the effect on the currency markets is clear to see. If you look at the first chart below you can see that GBP/USD shot up by 1 cent, due to the US Dollar weakening and becoming cheaper to buy. The charts also show the inverse relationship between the Euro and the Dollar. The second chart shows GBP/EUR and this moved the opposite way and gone down. This is because investors that have sold the Dollar causing it to weaken, bought the Euro, causing it strengthen and become more expensive to buy:   

Pound/US Dollar 

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