How could the Budget affect exchange rates?

Pound/Euro rates have fallen a little further this week, and currently sit at around the €1.2750 mark.  (Click here to see live currency graphs.) There are some important things happening over the next few days that could cause further volatility for Sterling

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I’ve listed the main things I think could affect exchange rates this week below.

UK Budget Report

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the chancellor gives his latest budget. This can often affect the Pound, as he gives economic forecasts for the coming year, along with growth estimates, Spending and borrowing forecasts and fiscal stimulus.

Osborne still needs to balance the books, and due to the global economic slowdown there is a good chance that there are going to be some difficult choices in this budget. I expect further cuts to welfare spending, and also some tax rises to generate extra revenue. It’s a tricky task and I think the main thing that will affect the Pound will be any surprises to UK growth forecasts.

BoE Monetary Policy Committee

On Thursday, the Bank of England announces it’s latest decision on interest rates. These will be left on hold again at 0.5% and I expect all 9 members of the committee will have voted for this. The minutes and press conference though is what to watch out for. The comments made here often cause the Pound to rise or fall, depending on whether the comments are interpreted as positive or negative. It’s likely that they may cite economic risks of a Brexit, and this in turn could cause the Pound to fall.

Getting the best exchange rates

In the last few trading days, we’ve seen the Pound/Euro rate as between 1.2750 and 1.3050, representing good opportunities for both those needing to buy Euros, and those converting currency back to Pounds. Short lived movements in your favour can make a huge difference to what you get when converting a large sum, and having a good currency broker on your side to monitor peaks and troughs make a real difference.

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