GBP/EUR falls further, and US jobs data to affect GBP/USD

Sterling/Euro continues to fall

We saw a sharp fall in GBP/EUR rates yesterday as I outlined in my last post, and this morning rates have continued to fall. A quick look at the chart below shows you that we’ve dropped nearly 3 cents in 24 hours, meaning a €250,000.00 property abroad is costing you £4000.00 more than this time yesterday, really illustrating how quickly things can change in the currency markets: 

It’s clear now that most analysts think it will be 2 years until the UK raises interest rates, and due to the prolonged period of little return, investors are looking for more favourable places to deposit their funds. In real terms this means the Pound is being sold across the board, and this is the reason for the continued slide this morning. 

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Pound/Dollar rates dropping 

It’s not only Euros that are becoming more expensive, as Sterling/Dollar rates have also been dropping of late: 

This week alone we’ve seen a drop from $1.55 to $1.51. Part of this is due to the weakening of Sterling due to the Bank of England information yesterday as I outlined in my last post. However there is another reason for the drop, and that is Dollar strength. Markets are gearing up for the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates next month. The more likely this becomes, the stronger the dollar gets due to the higher return on offer. 

Today is key for Pound/Dollar as at 13:30pm we have jobs data. This usually created a lot of volatility, as the Non-Farm Payrolls (the number of jobs created excluding the agricultural sector as it’s seasonal) is usually very different from the forecast. The consensus is for 180,000 jobs to have been created. If this number comes out higher, the GBP/USD will fall. If it comes out lower, then rates may recover. Very rarely is the number as expected, so there is likely to be volatility in exchange rates this afternoon. 

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