Sterling falls on poor UK inflation figures

Tuesday 13th October 2015 
Volatility has returned to the markets, and since my last post on Friday we have seen the Pound/Euro rate drop a further 2 cents, dipping into the €1.33’s this morning, and is currently settled at around €1.34 as you can see from the chart below: 

Poor UK Inflation figures weaken Sterling 

The reason for the drop of over 1 cent this morning was due to poor UK inflation figures. This morning the Consumer Price Index (CPI) fell into negative territory at -0.1%. This is worse than expected, and pours cold water on any hope the Bank of England will be raising interest rates. As the pressure is off the BoE, investors are not going to be buying Sterling in a hurry, and as such the Pound has weakened. The effect on the exchange rate is that levels have dropped off across the board. 

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