Will the FED raise interest rates this week?

Tuesday 15th September 2015
On Thursday, the US Federal Reserve will announce their decision on interest rates, and for the first time in many years, there is actually the chance of a change. It’s widely expected that the USA will be the first major western economy to start pushing interest rates up from the record lows they have been at for many years. 

It’s likely that they will keep them at their record low of 0.25% for another month, however there is a 20% chance that they will raise the benchmark rate to 0.5%. 

What would be the effect on exchange rates if they raise interest rates? 

A hike in interest rates would make the US Dollar an attractive option for investors, due to the higher return they would get on their funds. Therefore, if the FED do indeed raise interest rates I would expect the US Dollar to gain strength and become more expensive to buy, and this would push GBP/USD exchange rates lower. The small chance of a hike will already be priced into the market, so if they leave rates on hold, then GBP/USD may rise slightly. 

Looking further ahead, they are likely to raise rates at some point in the next few months, so I would not expect the GBP/USD rate to remain above the $1.50 mark for long. Most forecasts I’m reading at the moment suggest that the rate to buy Dollars will fall considerably in the medium term. Therefore if you have a requirement to buy US Dollars, click here to get in touch to discuss the ways I can help protect you against the rate moving against you. 

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