Pound falls slightly on poor Industrial and Manufacturing Production figures

Wednesday 9th September 
After gradually rising this week, the Pound has fallen slightly against the Euro and US Dollar today due to worse than expected UK data. Figures released earlier today showed that UK Industrial and Manufacturing production fell at its sharpest pace in more than a year. I warned on Monday that if the figures were worse than forecast Sterling could fall, and while the expected numbers were predicted to show slight growth, the actual numbers showed a decline of -0.4% & -0.8% respectively. As you can see from today’s GBP/EUR chart below, Sterling fell by around 1 cent against the Euro, however has since started to claw back its losses. (Click here to see my live currency chart)

Tomorrow key for whether Pound will rise or fall in the coming months 

At 12pm tomorrow, we will have a much clearer idea of whether Sterling is likely to rise or fall in the coming months, based on interest rate expectations. The Bank of England will announce its decision on interest rates, and they will almost certainly keep them on hold at 0.5%. Straight after the decision however, they will give a statement and release the minutes to the meeting. This will be key as it will show the views of the Monetary Policy Committee and what was discussed, and how many of the members if any voted for rates to rise. 

If these minutes give any hint that interest rates will rise early next year, then the Pound is likely to gain against other currencies. If they show that actually recent economic developments mean that rates will stay on hold for most of 2016, then expect the Pound to fall. 

How do I think the BoE decision could affect exchange rates? 

It’s impossible to predict currency movements of course, but I think that it’s quite likely the Pound could fall. I reach this conclusion because the current global economic downturn risks affecting the UK’s growth prospects, and raising interest rates too soon could hamper the steady recovery that Britain has been making relative to other major western economies. For this reason I think rates will stay on hold for around 12 months. This also means that investors are less likely to want to keep Sterling assets, and as a result Sterling exchange rates could fall. 

Of course, the BoE governor Mark Carney is highly unpredictable and it is impossible to second guess what effect his comments may have on the Pound. I’m quite sure however that tomorrow will see a change in the value of the Pound one way or the other. 

Are you worried about exchange rates moving against you? 

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