Pound rises on interest rate comments from BoE

Tuesday 14th July 2015
We have seen a sharp spike for Sterling this morning, after the Bank of England governor Mark Carney has said that the time for a UK interest rate rise is getting closer. This is despite figures this morning showing that inflation sits at 0%. This really shows how simple things like a few words from a central bank governor can affect exchange rates. Here’s a look at how the Pound rose by over a cent against the Euro as soon as he made the comment at 09:53am:

Why did his comments cause the Pound to rise?

It’s due to the fact that he has hinted interest rates may go up in the UK this year. Higher interest rates make Sterling a more attractive investment for investors due to the higher return on offer, and so the Pound has strengthened, pushing exchange rates up against other currencies. 

In recent times it’s been things like Greece and elections that has affected the rate, but years ago things like interest rate movements and economic data were the main things that caused exchange rates to move. I’m sure there will be further developments tomorrow from Greece, and once that issue is resolved, focus is likely to return to traditional economic stats and things like interest rates.  

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