Pound/Euro rates near €1.40 again

Wednesday 17th June 2015
Sterling has gained strength in recent days, after figures showed that UK inflation has turned positive, Unemployment has fallen, and average wage earnings were much better than forecast. This has caused the Pound to gain against other currencies, hitting nearly €1.40 against the Euro, and $1.5750 against the US Dollar:

 Pound/Euro over last week:

Pound/Dollar over last week:

The other reason for the Pound/Euro rate gaining is the ongoing Greek situation. Relations between Greece and its creditors have fallen apart in recent days, and tomorrow there is an important meeting of EU finance ministers to discuss the situation. There are fears that Greece could default and leave the Euro, and this uncertainty is what is causing the Euro to remain weak. 

Most analysts still expect a deal to be reached at some point, and if that happens then I would expect Sterling/Euro rates to fall sharply. If you need to buy Euros and don’t want to take the risk of the rate dropping away, then you can place a ‘Stop Loss’ order to order your currency if it goes below a pre-agreed level. In this way should the market drop, you’re limiting losses and not leaving yourself open to a much lower exchange rate than necessary. 

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