Inflation figures brings the Pound crashing down.

Wednesday 12th November 2014 
Good morning. Earlier this week I warned that today would be key for Pound/Euro rates, and that if the Bank of England inflation report forecasted low inflation, then Sterling could drop off. This is exactly what has happened, and despite an initial rise in rates following good UK employment figures, we soon was the rate drop by over 1 cent as you can see from the chart below: 

UK Employment gives the Pound a (temporary!) boost 

The day actually started well for the Pound, as figures showed that UK unemployment fell for the 18th consecutive month, beating expectations. The numbers also showed that one measure of average earnings growth beat inflation for the first time in five years. As the numbers were better than the markets were expecting, the Pound rose to above €1.28, getting near 6 year highs as you can see from the graph above. But the gains were short lived, as we will see in a moment…. 

Bank of England inflation report brings Sterling crashing back down. 

Within an hour of the spike to €1.28, GBP/EUR figure plummeted by cent to €1.27. The reason for this was inflation expectations. 

At 10:30am the Bank of England gave its inflation report. Inflation is key to when interest rates in the UK will rise. Higher inflation lends itself to higher interest rates, and the expectation of this has been driving the Pound up this year. 

However today the BoE governor Mark Carney stated that inflation could fall below 1% in the next six months, due to sluggish growth in the European economy, and other downward pressures. Governor Mark Carney also said he did not expect inflation to reach the targeted rate of 2% for three years. The Bank also cut its prediction for UK economic growth in 2015 to 2.9%.

All of this means that an interest rate hike in the UK is a long way off, and the Pound weakened accordingly. 

Is a weak Pound what the BoE wants? 

In recent posts I have suggested that the strong Pound is not favoured by the Bank of England. It affects our exports and could harm our recover. For this reason I have warned recently that the BoE could take the opportunity to weaken the Pound if they can, and today that’s exactly what we’ve seen. Just a few comments from the BoE governor and the Pound has fallen again, repeating it’s trend of climbing to around €1.28 before dropping back down. 

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