A busy week for exchange rates – what could happen to the Pound?

Monday 11th August 2014 
Good afternoon. Exchange rates have recovered slightly today after the drops we saw at the end of last week, caused by global uncertainty over the conflicts in Ukraine and the middle-east, as explained in my most recent post. Today has been quite quiet as there is little economic data for the markets to digest. 

This week however will be anything but quiet, I think today could be the calm before the storm as we have some significant data releases this week that could affect which way exchange rates move in the coming weeks. 

For the UK, we have unemployment figures, a Bank of England (BoE) report, the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures, and a speech by the BoE Governor Mark Carney. In recent speeches he has given mixed signals on when interest rates may start rising, even being accused of behaving like an unreliable boyfriend, and that had caused the Pound/Euro rate to go up or down. So his comments could well cause further volatility in exchange rates. 

So, lot’s that I think could affect the market this week and a full breakdown of this week’s data is listed below. 

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This week’s economic data releases 

Tuesday 12th August – There is no UK data of note, however GBP/EUR rates could still be affected as we have EU and German Economic Sentiment figures released at 10am. We also have House price data from Australia that could move GBP/AUD, and the monthly US budget statement could give indication on future US economic policy, so watch for GBP/USD today. 

Wednesday 13th August – In my view today is the most important one for Sterling exchange rates. We have the latest UK Unemployment numbers, along with a Bank of England inflation report, followed by a Speech by BoE Governor Mark Carney. As I stated above, his comments could cause changes to the value of the Pound. Elsewhere, US Retail Sales are released later this afternoon from the United States. 

Thursday 14th August – Today is busy for EU data – Inflation numbers, Gross Domestic Product, and a monthly report from the European Central Bank, all of which will give indications how the EU economy is performing and so GBP/EUR rates could be affected. From the USA today we have the latest Jobless Claims numbers 

Friday 15th August – Another important day for the Pound as we have the latest Gross Domestic Product figures. I expect the monthly figure to be 0.8% and the annual figure 3.1% – any lower than this expect exchange rates to drop and vice-versa. Elsewhere the USA has inflation figures released later in the afternoon. 

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